Social Media is a buzz word that you have probably been hearing for the past few years. Chances are, you might have a Facebook page, even a Twitter profile. But did you know small businesses are the fastest -growing users of social media?

Social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest, are accessed by millions of people world-wide and all rank within the most visited websites on the Internet (Facebook is #2!). It’s no wonder why small businesses are on social sites-it’s where their customers are!



 Below are 5 reasons Why Your Dental Practice Should be Using Social Media:

 1. Connect with customers daily

In all likelihood, you aren’t seeing your dental clients every day, let alone every month. With social media, however, you can connect with your clients outside of the office on a daily basis. When customers “Like” your Facebook fan page or follow you on Twitter, they see your updates and promotions, keeping your business in the front of their minds.

 2. Ease of Use

It doesn’t take a web designer to use social media websites (although we like them too!). Facebook and Twitter make their sites so user-friendly, middle-schoolers are on them. Adding a photo or linking to a news article is as simple as the click of a button!

 3. Free Advertising

Because the top social media networks are free to use, businesses big and small give users incentives to follow or “like” their pages. Dental practices can easily promote contests, discounts (ex: “Like” this page to receive 10% off your next visit), and giveaways using social media.

 4. Reviews and Public Relations

Due to the slight disconnect between the company and client online, users are more likely to be honest about their experiences on social media websites. What a patient may be too afraid or polite to say to your face they will have no problems writing on Facebook and Twitter. Dental practices can capitalize on these reviews and complaints.

Of course we all want positive comments, but if a customer leaves you a negative comment or tweet, it’s easy to learn more about their complaint and try to resolve the issue online. Working to solve a dispute can keep a client who might have otherwise not returned to your practice, and reassures others that their concerns are being heard. Reviews may also give light to a problem you are not aware of (“I love Dr. Taylor but the music in his office is too loud!”) or answer questions others may have (“Is teeth whitening covered by most insurances?”). An open dialogue between your practice and customers gives current and future clientele trust in your brand and services.

 5. Promote Your Other Sites

Social Media is a great way to promote your blog or newsletter. It is easy to link to your latest blog post or monthly newsletter through social media, and can grow followers, in turn growing business!

So, what are you waiting for? Hop online and begin to connect with your clients!

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